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I remember how nervous we where when we were sitting in the train on our way to Antaiji. I felt that we would fail just after a few days. I feared the long hours of zazen the most. But now, almost to month later and we are still here!

And what a place! I really feel that I live up to the nick name. I feel like a lucky Dane, getting permission to practice here. Before I came I read about a person (Werner) that met Docho-san for the first time walking up the mountain path to Antaiji. I did the same. It felt right. If the was not because Anders and I was laying lazily on the ground as he passed.

I want to describe session:

Wake up
Stand up

That’s it.
The lucky Danish leave this amazing place before Rohatsu - all through I feel like coming
But first, back to Denmark get a stupid job, pay my stupid dept., live the stupid unfree capitalistic life where safety and health is about all.

But I will do it with a joyful mind.