Antaiji and Yuki


I am very curious in many things: history, culture, philosophy, religion and more.
These things are all connected; not only a subject to study but the reality to me.
I believe in everything, most important thing to me is our home “earth”.
I do chant Hannya shingyo unlike other Japanese young generation.
I’m working between Japan and Germany, so the main reason that I have chosen Antaiji was because of you, Dojo san. I have a respect and wanted to see you and your temple.

At the same time, many difficult things happened in my life.
I lost my heart, spirit and senses as well, even saw my golden “spirit guide” left me.
I was hoping strongly that I get my senses back without any medical care, for that, the method would be only to live a human very basic life in the nature.
And I thought this could be possible in Antaiji. This is my 2nd reason.

Well, the life in Antaiji was like a Paradise to me.
Unfortunately I was there only for 9 days, and had to leave again for my social responsibility, but I recovered myself 20% more, I’m very thankful about this.
Strangely enough not only that but also I found out something more.

I didn’t know that Antaiji used to be in Shichiku in Kyoto, which immediately connected to my childhood. I saw a foreigner carrying stones and called my mother. A couple of months later, my mother left me and my father. 17 years later I met her and her new husband and then 5 years later she told me that her new husband was that foreigner.
After my days in Antaiji, she told me that stone he was carrying was from Antaiji, which still exist in our house in Kyoto. In this way, my life has somehow connection to Antaiji, which makes me Antaiji extra special.
Thank you very much for your existence!


P.S.; If I need to make some negative comment, then I was surprised to have curry, pasta and Ramen there.

P.P.S; From Buddhism point of view, I think the life itself is the practice wherever however you are, it’s all depends on your attitude, so my purpose was not a success of meditation.

P.P.P.S; And all together, it was a great experience and great help for my mental + physical health. For that reason, I hope Antaiji will be always open for outsiders and non monks. 1 day, 1 week kind of very short visitor can be a problem for Antaiji which I absolutely understand, but if you could open for 2 weeks visitor, it will be very helpful to the society. Would you please re-consider that you won’t accept people less than 3 years, please!