An enlightenment or two


Now I have stayed nearly two months at Antaiji and it is pretty much the place which I expected. The home page of Antaiji describes very well what kind of place you will find here. I was looking for a place to deepen my practice of zazen and to have the opportunity to work in the forest, the rice and vegetable fields and in the garden. All of those expectations have been completely fulfilled and even exceeded. Ever since I've been at Antaiji I have learned many things which I wouldn't have learned at home.

Over here you appreciate the food much more when you know that it comes from your own agriculture. Moreover, you appreciate the hot water you are using much more when you know that it got heated up by the wood which comes from the trees which you have cut down in the forest. The work at Antaiji grounds me a lot and I am very thankful for that!

Concerning my experiences in the practice of zazen I wouldn't like to write too much at this point. However, at Antaiji you have the opportunity to do a lot of zazen. In summary, the amount of zazen, work and free time is as I expected and I am totally fine with it.

For the coming days and weeks I hope to get an enlightening moment or two over here 😉 and to learn more about myself. When you stay at Antaiji you get the feeling that you are an important part of it pretty fast.

I would like to very deeply thank the abbot of Antaiji who takes on a lot of responsibility and puts a lot of his energy into running this place. I'd also like to thank all the other people who are involved in keeping Antaiji alive!