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Whenever we feel hard or cold, at next day we remember it as good thing.
whenever we feel that we understand someone, we cannot be sure what he
where meaning by saying that.

naked ground no grass
naked trees no leafs
someone drinks tea on the bench
in spring hot cup makes us happy

so nice not cold
so nice not hot
you remember spring and winter
now you enjoy the moment to remember

yellow grass
yellow trees
someone drinks tea on the chair
in autumn hot cup makes us remember summer

white behind the windows
no trees behind the window
it looks like a hondo wall
it just snow behind the window

fills cold
eyes hard to open
someone falling asleep
need to find some hot cup of coffee inside you

no samu anymore
everything eaten
you just siting
evening zazen

you cut, you fry
you eat, you wash
tenzo running whole day
he knows zazen is only about siting

growing around
everyone is working
we eat our meal every day
all are grown by our work

you whant to get some nice food
you use bus
its so different there
you whant run away from city back to life

change closes every season
change colors every season
winds comes
and now its naked

you can see dreams looking on it
you can see empties while it there
jigido rings the bell
and wall still the same